Solve the problem of scratching cats

Solve the problem of scratching cats .cats very, really, very like to scratch which is not an exaggeration either. If you’re a first-time owner of a cat, you’ll realize that out as presently as you see your new furnishings choked with claw marks and your lounge and therefore the pillows area unit sliced and torn to items.
Solve the problem of scratching cats
Solve the problem of scratching cats

 Cats scratch for a range of reasons. the plain reason is for marking their territory. Cat’s paws leave their scent and each time they scratch one thing their scent stays there. Scratching is additionally associate exercise for them; you’ll sometimes see their love for scratching whenever they get up from a nap.
The first response to the current is confining your cat to someplace wherever she can’t injury new furnishings or scratch something valuable. this could be seen as a short-lived resolution solely and can’t be permanent as cats like to wander around too. the simplest resolution could be a scratch post.

A scratch post is a few things you'll obtain or produce yourself. There area unit many scratch posts on the market and you're absolute to realize one thing appropriate for your cat. Remember, though, that a cat’s plan of one thing sensible to scratch at is totally different from your plan. ne'er ever build the error of shopping for one thing costly simply because you're thinking that appearance|it's} sensible or looks specifically like your lounge.

An excellent post is a few things wherever your cat will totally stretch her body and may be stable. Once your cat starts scratching thereon and it topples over, you'll make certain that she won’t come back to that.

After shopping for one, consecutive step for you is to coach your cat to scratch it. ne'er build the error of forcing her claws to scratch the post. Your cat is simply sorted of a kid and showing her one thing she is aware of a way to do are a few things that may build your cat behave upstage to you for some of the days.

One suggestion is to place the post wherever your cat won't scratch. for instance, if she loves scratching your wood chair, then place it on the brink of your chair. different places embody an area on the brink of wherever your cat is sleeping thus she’ll have some factor to scratch when her nap. This won’t work all times, though, thus you have got to try and do one thing clever to lure her to scratch the post.
One of the simplest solutions is to rub the herbaceous plant into it. this can have her merrily creating by removal at the post in no time. If this doesn’t very attractiveness to your cat, don’t lose hope as a result of there area unit different ways that. Some cats simply don’t love herbaceous plants and won’t be fooled simply by this treat.

Another way is to associate the post with one thing fun. place some food treats around it or dangle some toys which will lure her to succeed in out for the toy and unwittingly scratch the post. you want to bear in mind to praise your cat whenever she scratches your post thus she is going to bear in mind that scratching the post is each fun and agreeable to you.

Another way to “fool” your cat into scratching the post is to play games along with her running around the scratch post. Once she finds that scratching the post is healthier than taking part in your game, don’t feel dangerous as you have got done your job of “fooling” your cat into victimization the scratch post.

Of course, you'll try and train them on to scratch the post. you'll offer the order to “scratch” and purpose to the post whereas you offer the order and each time your cat scratches the post-offer her a treat and praise her loudly thus she will be able to be pleased with pleasing you.

Once your cat starts victimization the scratch post, the consecutive step is to stop her from scratching your furnishings. you'll try this by covering your furnishings with tin foil or double-sided tape. This area unit surfaces that your cat can realize not thus sensible to scratch and she or he can presently understand to not scratch things aside from her scratch post.

The only factor to recollect is that to stop your cat from scratching your furnishings is to supply her with one thing higher to scratch.
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