Tips on Grooming Your Cat

Tips on Grooming Your Cat

Tips on Grooming Your Cat
Tips on Grooming Your Cat

Cats area unit essentially terribly tidy creatures. they're within the habit of grooming themselves by licking each a part of their body clean with their tongue. 
This habit of tongue-bathing has many advantages to your pet cat:

- promotes the higher circulation of the blood
- gets obviate dead skin cells
- removes excess/dead hair on their coat
- tones their muscles
- keeps the fur soft and clean 

Although your feline friends groom on their own, you must still do your half keep your cat clean and well-groomed. 

Here area unit many ways that to stay your cat well-groomed:

1. Brushing

Depending on the breed, your cat will either have long or short hair. make certain that you simply brush your cat’s coat to a tolerable degree to market correct grooming. 

-For cats with short hair, use a brush with soft bristles in order that the skin won't be scraped or hurt within the grooming method. 

Use soft, mild strokes whereas brushing. this could create them purr in pleasure and you may have a neater job of grooming your pet cat. 
After brushing the coat with a comb, you'll be able to end the work by wiping the fur with a dry, soft and clean piece of fabric. this could maintain the shine on your cat’s coat. 

-As compared to cats with shorter hair, hairy cats would need additional brushing time. 

For this, use a comb with wide-teeth that's specially designed for cats. this could ab initio take away the knots and tangles on their fur. 

Afterward, you'll be able to use a toothed comb to figure the smaller knots on the fur and eliminate the additional stubborn knots. 

Do not forget to brush the hair around the face with a smaller comb or a toothbrush. 

Avoid the attention and whisker space once brushing. 

Brushing your cat's fur on a daily basis can facilitate keep their coat shiny and healthy, and can additionally provide the owner and therefore the pet some bonding time along.

2. Bathing

Cats don't usually need bathing as a result of they essentially take excellent care of themselves once it involves grooming. 

However, there area unit some cases whereby you wish to grant them a shower notwithstanding however you – and your pet – dread the job. 
You need to wash your cat if the coat has excessive dirt. 

Sometimes, a substance which will probably poison them sticks on the fur and it's very important to grant them a shower during this case. 

Another instance wherever you wish to wash your cat is just in case of fleas, ticks, and lice clinging to their skin. 

3. cleansing the eyes and ears. 

For the eyes and ears that area unit the foremost sensitive areas in your cat’s body, there area unit solutions that you simply might use. 

Choose one that is specifically designed to forestall cats with palish eyes to develop stains. 

For the ears, cats collect a substantial quantity or wax, therefore, you have got to require care of it once grooming. 

Removing this might maintain your cat’s health and facilitate stop infections. 

There also are cat wipes that you simply will use for the ears, eyes, and teeth. 

4. Keeping the paws clean. 

Cats area unit within the habit of scratching surfaces, therefore, it's higher to stay them aloof from the furnishings things within the house. it'd additionally facilitate if you retain those paws clean and trim their nails. 

You can visit a pet store and purchase a nail trimmer specially designed for cats. 

Ask your physician for the right thanks to trim your cat's nails therefore as to not hurt them within the method. 

If you discover that your cat exhibits a not-so-healthy clawing habit, you will select the choice of declawing your cat. 
This is a surgery wherever the nails area unit for good removed in order that it'll not grow back. 

However, you must still raise your vet's recommendation if you wish to travel for declawing as a result of this, cats can lose a natural process. 

A better and kinder possibility is to often trim the cat’s nails, have them use a picket post for scratching, or crate-training to forestall them from clawing at your most-treasured possessions. 

By following the following tips and creating time in your busy schedule to groom your cat, you'd have a healthy and happy cat and be a contented owner in addition.

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Tips on Grooming Your Cat
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