Tips For Introducing Cats

Tips For Introducing Cats

Tips For Introducing Cats
Tips For Introducing Cats

When you plan to add a brand new cat to your home, it’s usually additional exiting for you and your family than it's for the cat you already own. though most cats square measure solitary naturally, most also will return to simply accept or eventually tolerate any additions. Cats will be terribly territorial, that is why you must continually watch out after you introduce a brand new cat to your current cat.
If you're introducing kittens to at least one another, the whole introduction method will be short, lasting as very little as ten-fifteen days. Introducing cats to every alternative all depends on their temperament and their temperament. after you introduce a brand new cat to your current cat, you must continually check that that you simply provide your current cat many love and a focus. This way, your cat can feel secure and recognize that he isn’t in competition along with your new cat for affectionateness.

When you bring your new cat home, you must let him keep during a safe space until you've got finished introducing the cats. Your safe space will be any tiny space in your home, like a restroom or spare sleeping room. The key here is to use a space that your current cat doesn’t move into. within the space, you must leave your new cat a scratching post, bed, water dish, litter box, and food dish.
At first, your current cat could howl and hiss once he stands at the door, attempting to inform the opposite cat that he doesn’t belong. once this happens you must ignore it, as effortful your cat for his behavior can solely result in additional issues. once a jiffy, the primary cat can begin to act calm once he's close to the new cat’s door. As he starts to act calm, you must pet him and provides him praise.

When your initial cat begins to travel by your new cat’s door and doesn’t howl or hiss; you'll be able to start introducing them to every alternative. the simplest thanks to trying this is to urge them to want to every other scent. you'll be able to begin material possession them dine out of identical food dish, though you’ll need to feed them at completely different intervals initially. This way, the scent of every cat is a gift at the food dish, and every cat can get the scent once he grubs his food.

Once each cat has gotten won't to the scent, you'll be able to begin to feed them nearer along. To do this, you must keep your new cat within the safe space with the door closed, and your initial cat on the opposite aspect of the door together with his food dish. This time, feed each cat at the identical time. once doing this many times, they must begin feeding with none hissing or growling. At this time, they're able to be introduced to at least one another.

When you introduce them to every alternative within the same space, a touch of growling and hissing is to be expected. though {they may|they'll|they can} be wont to every other scent; your initial cat will still feel a touch awkward along with your new cat being in his territory. you must play with them each initially so that they will smell each other and greet in their own means. If they begin to fight you must break them up, and provides them your time apart.

It may take your time to urge them totally want to each other, though once they are doing – they're going to become playmates for all times. Cats like to be social, though it should be a touch rough initially, particularly for your initial cat. Cats will be terribly territorial, particularly if you've got a kitten around. If you get each of them wants to one another timely – it'll be heaps easier to feature future cats to your home.

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